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Sektor (H8000)

Here you see three releases of the Edgemetal band SEKTOR. All these releases are on Sobermind Records.

  • The record in the middle came before the Sektor / Vitality split and the full length. It is their early work, called “Ultimate Treat” and I don’t know if there is a colorversion.
  • Above you see the tourpress, with paper sleeve and A4 format insert. But also on a different color: Brown
  • Then after the tour with Vitalty came the split 7″ with them. As you can see it exists on black and clear. It has one song that is exclusive for this release. As a matter of fact two in the time it came out but the song “In Crypts Of Darkness” was re-released on the full length. The numbers are unknown.
  • Finally you see the “Human Spots Of Rust” full length. Mine is on black vinyl but there is also a colorversion: pink colored.
  • Important is that Sektor also recorded songs exclusive to some legendary compilations. I’m speaking of the “Animal Truth” benefit sampler and the “H8000 compilation vol. 1”.

I would like to shout out to Hans Liar to set free the Sober Mind pressing info. This info seems to me like the best kept secret of the H8000 realm. And I have never found out the numbers. I can restore the disography and the release sequence through dates and interviews like I did in this post. But it is impossible to count them by collecting them all, haha!!

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  1. I recently managed to get hold of a black pressing of the split, I already have the clear version. I was just wondering if yours came with a lyrics sheet? My copy of the clear repress did not come with a lyrics sheet, but my black original pressing did.

  2. Nope, clear did not came with a lyricsheet here also. There is also a difference with the insert of the tourpress (=A4 format) and the insert of the black vinyl with blue cover. Maybe I'll put photo's on my blog once. You could also ask H8000 central for this…Interesting question, thanks

  3. Normally ALL 7″'s had a lyricsheet, it was totally not done back in the day not to have lyrics included in your release. And if there's a link with hc, it's still a not done thing in my opinion.


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