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ODK Crew (H8000)

My hometown favorites for sure, altough I haven’t went to so much performances as their related band Vitality.

A few years ago, when the H8000 crew had one of the biggest & most influental scene in Europe, a few members of VITALITY & CONGRESS wanted to play something different then the typical H8000 sound, so they started a project called ODK CREW showing their love for old school hardcore. Main influences were JUDGE, CHAIN OF STRENGTH, INTEGRITY, O.L.C., SIDE BY SIDE, RISE ABOVE and other hardcore & punk pioneers. They played some great shows like H8000-fest and YPRES-fest and released a 7″ called ‘Old school vs new school’ on UxJx label Frostbite Records. This last release is pictured above.

To be more precise in the line-up; the guitars and the bass are played by Bob and Marc from Vitality, the drums by the one and only drummer from Congress fame, Ilja and the vocals were in the beginning by Micha. Nowadays Vitality isn’t around anymore but ODK-crew is still. They have now acquiered a new vocalist Wayne, a local skateboard hero and ex-roadie of VITALITY.
In a way I have always looked up to those guys. Micha was in the same school as I and he was older, he played soccer on the schoolyard everyday. I wasn’t that sportive but always respected people playing soccer with that much dedication. Also later on at a Vitality show only my friend and I were moshing and I kinda disliked that. So I was jumping against the crowd continously, one of the crowd was in a pissed of mood and kicked me in the belly. Micha (who was doing backing vocals) saw it and stood up for me, I will never forget that moment.

And then the guitarist Bob was the older brother of a girlfriend I had. I always looked up to him also. Especially because he always had shirts or sweaters that were so cool and were never seen before by me. He has a way with hardcore merch I guess. He is also now the vocalist of Forced Hate also!!

The drummer Ilja was a bit obscurer to me, but he was the drummer of the big Congress. So I respected him also. He was a contemporary legend in ODK.

But I have to be frank, I liked the old days of ODK-Crew more than now and will post here the lyric’s of a song from that days:

Hardcore, my vitality

I’m asking myself, where has it gone?
The true hardcore spirit, the battle has begun
My anger is forced, when I watch today’s scene
But we’ll overcome, it’s f&é#@$g payday!

Our Scene, our home, once full of loyalty
Now blinded by hate & intruding jealous.

Hardcore my vitality, I won’t give in.

Those who forget it’s real destiny has never fit in

Ablution, the scene must be desinfected,
the real disciples selected.
We won’t fall prey to this mainstream

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