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Warehouse Records & PMA Records Vintage Poster

I got it as a present from Ed Goodlife, it’s truly amazing. Will do my best to elaborate it in the future.

Actually I can say now that I didn’t mention the “Sobermind Meditation” 7 inch of Blindfold in the Belgian sXe HC history topic, that’s because I don’t have it.

That’s all I can do at the moment. But I invited Edward to collaborate on this blog. Hopefully he is ok with my proposal. He’s the one who made many things happen back in the days…

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  1. That poster is my baby ! Still very proud of it.Have a few left, will send free to any store customers with their order !Edward

  2. Fun fact about this poster : the person standing most left in the group picture is Goofy, Nations on Fire’s bassplayer. We photoshopped him a second time in the same group picture, haha !


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