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Recordscore Of The Decade?

Sorry for my lack of updates. But I’ve been doing some serious collecting in the last month.

But OK, here goes the update:

I saw an anouncement on the B9 board about an ultra limited pressing of the Perspective e.p. posted by Peers of True Colors. I read it and I concluded “need this one”. Peers said “it will be in the Powered webstore very soon”. But unwilling to submit myself to the computer every day, I didn’t check the Powered webstore everyday. But even if I would have done that, the chances to get this directly from Powered were very few. Because according to Filip of Powered records these babies were sold out in about 5 minutes. And they sold only one per customer.
Realizing I missed out on it was very frustrating, I realized I was going to have to pay big bucks for this one now and thought now one was willing to sell this record. But things turned out a lot brighter than I thought initially. I had to chance to buy it from a fellow Belgian collector who I met on the AsIce tradeboard. So here it is;

My will for security tells me; “buy another one to be safe or to sell in case if someone asks for it” but that’s gonna be very hard I guess, there are only 30 made as you can seen in the last picture.

You can see that the sleeve is a Wide Awake rip-off cover and that the logo Powered records uses on this record is a Schism rip-off logo.

Conclusion: this record is really sick both vinyl, sleeve and circulation…


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  1. I got lucky with this one, Powered was selling these at the Teenage Lust 7″ release show in Tessenderlo (unfortunately the Teenage Lust 7″s weren't done in time for the show, haha), where True Colors also played. Mine's #8.


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