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KICKBACK 7" & One Of A Kind ARKANGEL 10"

This morning I was stoked to get out of bed early because I had to get to the post office to pick my parcel out of Germany. The first thing I noticed that 10″ cardboard mailers exist, but that’s was not so a big deal. When I opened this never before seen mailer there were in it an one of a kind 10″ from the big Arkangel and a 7″ from Kickback.

The witty readers of this blog don’t need to think much further to realize it is the NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE 7″, because Kickback has only put out one 7 inch. This Paris HC gem is also their debut release. It was the only thing I needed to complete my three piece Kickback collection. Yes, they only put out three titles on wax and those came on black only. The 7″ is from the year 1992 and is one of the oldest OG records I have so far. And with that the most expensive one to.
Getting this 7″ in my hands made my heart beat faster, I haven’t come to play it yet but I’ll probably never will. Because I want to keep it mint. Some thing made me believe that the record came without insert but it appears that it actually has an insert. Great to see the bandmembers in their younger years on a black and white band picture.
For more info on Kickback visit the Kickback discography post here on this blog, it also has a myspace link to where you can hear one song of the 7″.

kickback no one gets out alive 7 inch inner rage
The second record is the debut release from Belgiums hardest vegans ARKANGEL. This is not just a color version of the record. It is a one of kind color or a transition color. The record is namely pressed on two colors black and red. When the pressing plant finishes pressing the black version and then starts to press the red version there might be some black wax left. That black wax then gets mixed with the red and what you get is a very rare colorway. That actually isn’t suposed to be made.
In my humble opinion this is Arkangels best release, and I am glad to be the owner of this special record. I won’t play this record and will store it carefully but I can’t get enough of getting the vinyl out of the sleeve and behold the beauty of it. So I took a picture to share my joy with you.

arkangel prayers upon deaf ears 10 inch red black marbled lifeforce


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