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H8000 Hardcore Compilation Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

various h8000 hardcore lp test press vinyl

Under your very nose here is the TESTPRESSING of the legendary H8000 hardcore complitation vol. 1. This baby has only 7 sisters and brothers. Yes, there are only 8 made of this highly sought after H8000 jewel. Even the regular vinyl version is very hard to find, since there are only 500 made, namely 400 on black and 100 only on sweet green wax. I have never seen it in tradelists before!
The labels who released this are SOBER MIND & GENET RECORDS (ofcourse?). This extensive compilation has all the well-known bands like CONGRESS, LIAR, BLINDFOLD and SEKTOR but also some smaller bands like LIFECYCLE, ODK-CREW and INSTINCT.
It is also released on CD, but this one recently sold out on Good Life. If you have this compilation you can praise yourself happy, as I am with this. It is a document of a very interesting and sprawling scene of the nineties.
A fun side note is that it was pressed on 07/03/1998 and that’s my birthday.

The matrix of the record says “Hate towards a Back?ning society” on the A-side and “Another Fine H8000 product” and on the B-side. If someone also has this record, please let me know what the A-side of of the matrix is saying because I can’t read it fully.

If there is a vol. 1, there must be a vol. 2 also. And yes, REALITY RECORDS AND PYRO RECORDS realized a volume 2 in the year 2003 with SOLID, EMPATHY, FORCED HATE and nobody less than RISE AND FALL. Indeed, the mighty R&F who is now on Deathwish inc! It is a four song 7inch, that you can see below.

various H8000 hardcore volume 2 dawn of the dead 7 inch

Both records are certainly not for sale. But if someone has stuff of Lifecycle; I’m down for trading, just check my list
I hope there comes a volume 3 also…

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  1. There is a volume 3, as in the “H8000-HC Oct. 6 2007″ 7”, handed out at the H8000 fest on that date.It was on Grimskull records, and came on black and green color. There are some green/black transistion colors too. Only 300 copies exist. There's also an alternate sleeve.Jasper

  2. Not sure if this one is supposed to be volume 3, that's why I didn't publish it in this post. But you are certainly right on the colors,the sleeves and the amount made…


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