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RTTM Last Press Sleeve Record !!!

I’m very excited with the receivement of this record. First of all, musically this is a masterpiece. I already got the colored version of it, but this one is even more rare. As you can see on the pic it is out of 50. And the most exciting about this one is that it is a handmade but still high quality Lp jacket. You can tell it is handmade because it just a blanc jacket with the lay-out photography glued on it. And it says on the sleeve “Jacket made in Belgium” ! Also the pic on the backside of the handmade jacket rules, these people seem very nice and cool people to me.
Another thing I’ve noticed is that POWERED RECORDS uses a never seen before logo.

My conclusion is: “LESS IS MORE” & to say it in Dutch “Eenvoud siert”.

Totally stoked !

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