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Three Records Arrived: H2O, TRUE COLORS and a special one

I’ve had a lesson in humility the past days. But that’s not a bad thing because I actually did very well on the following record. I namely FINALLY obtained the debut 7″ of True Colors. There are 4 versions of this record and I scored the second least limited one. But (and that’s important) it is on color. This record shows the true colors of TRUE COLORS I think. I always had a thing for debut releases. Oh, by the way I scored it on the B9 tradeboard.

I won’t duplicate the pressing info of this record, just check it here.

The second record I obtained is one you and we all definetely like. It is the teaser of the H2O full length that came out on Bridge Nine recently. And it is the most limited one (300 made). I won’t talk any further, so here’s the pic.

I am ambitious about the last record that I will show here. It is the CHAMPION / BETRAYDED split. This is the magic of the decade I suppose. The version I obtained is the pre-order version from the first pressing, there were four colors pressed.

As a sidenote I would like to say that the CEO of this label (Rivalry Records) has an insane testpressings collection, I never saw that before. He is a power dealer for sure.


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