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NEW BLOG Reveals The Best Kept Secrets Of The H8000

H8000 Central is the name of a totally new blog with everything about H8000. Already up are some totally rare but classic shirts you probably never saw before, some 8000 crew history, the demo tape of CONGRESS and Sober Mind Records pressing info.

Yes, the SOBER MIND pressing info will be hitting the world wide web slowly but steadily for every collector that’s interested in classic and important H8000 releases to feast on. All this comes with the release number, pictures and the amounts made.

With this blog a big hole in the market is filled and the urgent info’s that are written there will be very well received if you ask me. The existence of this blog was already hinted in the Hans Liar interview, but finally it is there for everybody to check out and read.

Now surf your way in there and start collecting !!!


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