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H8000 Hardcore Compilation Volume 3

h8000 hardcore 7 inch october 6 2007

In addition to the H8000 compilation 1 & 2, I have here the recordpics of the H8000 compilation volume 3. Thanks to Jasper and Hans who confirmed me that this is certainly volume 3. To repeat Jaspers pressing info here, there are 2 colors pressed with a total amount of 300 made. The colorversion exists in some transition colored versions also (green / black), and as an addition to the colored vinyl there is an alternate cover (as you can see on the picture). The 7″ was handed out at the same H8000 festival on oct6-2007. The remaining copies were sold at the Good Life webstore. And all records are handnumbered.

To make this post comlete, I have asked a friend for a scan of the transition colored vinyl, so here is the scan of a rare version of this already very rare record:

Scan by Jasper D.

What I didn’t know is that there is a third sleeve in circulation, one with the classic H8000 logo on it and not numbered… You can see the sleeve here also thanks to Jasper.

H8000 hardcore 7 inch alternate cover october 6 2007
Scan by Jasper D.

Three bands on this record still play around and music from this bands shouldn’t be so hard to find. I’d say try to find some music. The H8000 bands featuring are Losing Streak, Your God Is Dead, Trenchfoot and Black Haven.

The Straight-Edge vegetarians Losing Streak made a 7″ on Not Just Words with a limited Shark Attack rip-off cover.

I think Your God Is Dead doesn’t play around anymore since LIAR has returned, so this is a RIP band. Very metal infused hardcore and technically the best.

Trenchfoot has got an amazing line-up; featuring members from Congress, Kingpin, Family Of Dog, Liar and Spineless and play insane crossover trash. Their LP “Turn On Tune In, Drop out” is one of my favourites…

And finally Black Haven, who appealed the most to me when I heard this 7″ for the first time. They have two 7″es and are working on a LP right now. Their label is Holy Shit! Records from Ghent, East-Flanders. This band has a dark and gloomy NYHC edge I believe.

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  1. The mixed colors for the vinyl are because you need to demand to the pressing plant not to clean their machines when they switch from black to colored vinyl. It's convenient for them and it gives awesome results for the client.These are the most wanted copies from a pressing for sure…while it's co-incidence.

  2. Yes I know, but didn't knew you have to ask it to the presing plant. To complete what you are saying here, those copies are called “transition” or “One of a kind” copies. I have some, like the Arkangel 10″ and the LIAR DRE lp. Very cool results indeed, thanks for the contribution !!

  3. Nice post Willem.Ik ga dat hier in het Nederlands zeggen want ik geraak niet uit mijn woorden.Er is nog een alternatieve cover in de omloop. De versies met die covers zijn niet genummerd.Ik zal je daar eerstdaags eens een scan van bezorgen, zelfde met een groene copy met zwarte swirl in.


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