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90’s H8000 Hardcore Related Lot

I traded a 90’s H8000 hardcore related lot for some gems I got in my collection. I had very much difficulties with this trade because I lost money with it in my opinion. And have very much dificulties with sharing this with you right now also. Let me explain why. The value of my objects I gave in return weren’t of the same market value of the objects I got. The dude sent me a cool list with a stereotypical Belgian nineties collection. So I said what I wanted from this list but obviously he asked too much in return for this. So I cancelled the trade. But I got back on my steps because he had some H8000 rarities in his collection and I thought I would be plain interesting to have these. So I did something out of my mind and sent him a proposal. He agreed with it and sent me this lot.

I waited and was planning to send this bagger in return with the mail. But I couldn’t resist to open the package. In the beginning I thought “If you try to rip me off, I rip you off twice as hard” or something like “Trade me bad, I trade you worse”. But actually liked this stuff and decided he wasn’t actually truying to rip me off and that this is, to me at least, NO BAGGER. And I so decided to make a dude happy with some records with history and future.

So, what’s in it? Well, from the left to the right, beginning from above you see:

H8000 hardcore Vol. 1 compilation CD
ANIMAL TRUTH Benefit sampler CD
LIFECYCLE “Forever… Until…” CD
SHORTSIGHT “Why Spent Time Learning” 7″ (EU-press)
A.W.O.L “Deep thought about the end” 7″ (French HC from Paris)
INSTINCT “Friendship, a life time commitment” 7″
FABRIC 7″ (on Machination Records)
SPINELESS “Painfields” on Grey
SEKTOR / VITALITY split (colored tourpress)

And I traded this for:

JUDGE “The Storm” standard press 7″ (VG+ condition)
HAVE HEART “You Can’t Go Home Again” 7″ (yellow, mint condition)
BETRAYED “Substance” LP on white (2nd press)
BETRAYED “Addiction ep” 7″ on white (very first pressing, 250 made)

Especially the last one was very hard for me to part with, so this one isn’t for trade or for buying anymore, DEFINETLY !!!

And don’t even think about me for being into collecting for profit. And tomorrow we’ll have one happy Belgian collector I hope…

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