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The Rise Of The Poisoned Youth TESTPRESS

I obtained a Terror TESTPRESS. No need to explain this, besides the fact that it is 20 made and that it has a handdrawn band picture on the xeroxed sleeve.
Yes, the label REAPER was so collector-friendly to make different sleeves for it… The record now rests in one of my seveninchboxes. The record is meticulous sealed in a glued polyethylene sleeve, that I will never open. And I have given it some extra strength by inserting cardboard in the second sleeve packaging. So that when I come by this record while flipping through my seveninches, the fragile paper sleeve doesn’t get bended. Yes, I’m a condition freak!!

I was actually out to get the TRAPPED UNDER ICE ‘Stay Cold’ test, but then I changed my mind. Probably because I was too bummed out and because the fact that I scared out considering the price and the incredible honour to have it.
But this TERROR testpress is everything I dreamed it to be. To put it simply; TERROR may have a negative lyrical side but they never loose the positive delivery that is true hardcore. And even with this release things changed in my opinion. They don’t say “better of without you” anymore like with their first release ‘Lowest Of The Low’ but things like “…I’ll walk with you,you and me are never alone…”

Enough chit chat, owning this baby is a true honour !!

You probably wrongly disbelieve me on owning this one, so here are some scans of it:

And this is how I stored it:

You see the cardboard coming out, so I’ll never touch the record itself when flipping through my seveninches. And the seveninchbox where it is stored in is full enough to prevent ringwear to the max possible. Just a heads up…

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  1. My bad man, I noticed that shortly after writing the comment. Keep up the good work!


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