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From ‘The Most’ To Record-accumulation

Because DOWN TO NOTHING is considered the best current Hardcore band of the world by many these records don’t come by often. Considering the band as the best current hardcore band is risky to say and maybe argued. But in my opinion they have a winners edge when listening to their music. Never letting go of the old-school anger and sound they produce music that can be compared to Gorilla Biscuits, without flaws and pretention. It is definetly not GB alone because their metal tinged music gives a heaviness that can be compared to even Judge.
Comparing DTN to this bands can definetly be argued. But I do it because they have the same character and personality in their sound and lifestyle I think. You won’t hear the similarities, but you will feel the same energy, vibe, attitude and playfullness.

‘The Most’ is a record that differs from the rest of DTN’s work. Their earlier work ‘Splitting Headache’ and ‘Save It For The Birds’ has more of that old-school rock n roll and vibe I told you about earlier. But this record is just great in all it aspects, it’s definetly the great American brother who is speaking daily wisdom in the lyrics. And the music is as swinging and angry at the same time.

I like these frank words of the vocalist David; “Hardcore, what have you worked for? Nothing!” This made me realize that building out the Hardcore scene (wether local or global) is more than just buying records and attending shows. It hit a sensitive snare of me and I decided to do a very small contribution to hardcore with this blog. Yes I like ‘The Most’ a lot, this collection can tell that. I have it just out of love for this record.

Besides that, I have the music of every DTN release. And have nearly completed my ‘The Most’ collection; I have every color but don’t have the one with the record release sleeve. The only time I’ve seen it is in this lot on ebay US. I have the pictures to share with you.

A record-accumulating American, but I’m guilty of this also… For me it is just more fun than having several of the same color.

Making several colors of the same record with a different circulation makes of the rare colorways instant collectibles. Despite the fact that the record has the same music and same message, the low circulation ones are sold on ebay for more money than the high circulation ones. Just a common modern type of collecting. Feel free to take part in this or not. Because you can ofcourse have righteous objections towards this… and the labels who do this. Because they sell more copies of the same record.


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