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TRUE COLORS s/t Release Show

I never thought I would ever get this record. But I have it now and are getting slowly but steadily closer to completing my collection of this historical important record of TRUE COLORS. Everybody knows that I’m a huge fan of this band and that I would do everything to obtain records of them. People have been asking me to buy records I have of TRUE COLORS but the answer was simply and absolutely “NO WAY!! “. And it will forever be that way. Because these records mean the most to me and are my favourite items to collect. This records is the first 7″ of TRUE COLORS and if you are into the band you must certainly hear what preceeded the many Powered releases. This record is so honest and I guess that’s why I like it that much. But no worries you don’t have to spent that much money to hear the songs of this ep. Because it is featured on the FOCUS ON THE LIGHT CD from POWERED RECORDS. Also the Perspective ep is featured on a CD from TRUE COLORS, namely the new ‘Rush Of Hope’ CD also on POWERED RECORDS. Anyway, it was NOT JUST WORDS who discovered this band and made the seveninches. And realize that I’m getting closer, because firstly it was the regular sleeve edition on white vinyl that I scored and now it is the release show sleeve edition that I got. I think that’s the correct and most ideal way of collecting a record. I mean always getting one step closer to the most limited version. But the most limited version of this one has only 10 singles less. So I’m pretty close…


PS: don’t ask me to get it from me because the answer will be a clear but polite “NO WAY!!”


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