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Book about the European SxE scene

This is a LP + Book packaged in a totally beautiful gatefold jacket. The LP is from Birds Of A Feather and the LP size book deals with the European Straight-Edge scene over the past 25 years. Ed Good life told me long ago about the production of this book and I was immediately interested. And finally it is here in my hands, almost unbelievable. I really want to read this book but on the other hand I want to keep it safe, because I respect this package so much. So I gonna have to read it very carefully then.
I am not yet in a position to tell you about the highlights of the book or the LP. But I have made some nice pics because I enjoy looking at this so much, and maybe you too.

Double Cross webzine already made a post about this so check it out here:

Gatefold cover

The total package

The vinyl

The LP size book

The vinyl hold towards the light

I really lucked out on getting this and I consider it a great honour also. I really should start reading this instead of making a ridiculous post about it. So this post is just for those who are ignorant about it, many kids probably.

This is a lesson in humility: Respect to those featured in the book and to Poland’s Refuse Records who made this. Probably many years in the making…


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