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RTTM Demo Tape

rhythm to the madness demo tape cassette powered recordsThis is the first demo tape I ever bought. I knew that there was a demo tape because POWERED RECORDS has made the songs of this tape available for free download. Normally I don’t buy tapes but these song I heard were so good that I decided to search after this tape. I got it from a person who I consider a friend. So this tape is precious to me.
I also didn’t know what to give for it. But I made up a price (€12), and it was accepted. Being accepted I still don’t know if this is the right price lol.
Oh well, I like this tape a lot and it is from Powered Records as you can see on the insert above.
On ebay tapes don’t go for that much, but I guess this because tapes are considered inferior to vinyl. Vinyl was and still is something fancy, you see. And a tape can easily be damaged, I mean the tape ribbon can easily come out of the case. As I experienced as a small kid, when I only had a tapedeck, CD decks didn’t exist back then. Oh well, very fun to have and it has cool artwork (drawn with pencil and colored with watercolors), besides the good music that’s on it. Super gimmick!!!

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  1. it was good enough for me man, that tape rules. hope you are happy with it!


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