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1st Length Of Time LP (BXL hardcore)


I know this release since the very beginning of its existence. I used to mosh on these songs as well at shows as at the tape that I had. This is in my eyes the ultimate mosh record. It has a NYHC body but then with a European metal and sick edge. Like most BXL (Brussels) bands actually.

The lyrics are metaphysical at times. But mainly dealing with sins and violent payback. It are introspective lyrics. The singer ‘Rosse’ feels the uncontrollable anger rise I his live. He becomes twisted by the things he witnesses and experiences. And therefore this is hard to analyze and comprehend totally. But pure aggression is always hard to understand fully. And I think the core emotion here is fear. The rest are side effects.
Lyrically this can perfectly fit in the school of Kickback. It is that modern metropolis culture that drives these guys insane.
Very glad to have this record in my collection now after then years. It is their first full length and they stayed on Good Life Recordings for quite a long time (3 full lengths). The second full length was called ‘Shame To This Weakness Modern World’ and the third was ‘How Good This World Could Be’. These later releases are a bit slower which makes it more brutal but less energetic. I think this first full length is their best one.

length of time approach to the new world lp clear vinyl good life

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  1. If yer interested, I posted the LOT demo on my blog a while ago. Not sure that's the tape yer referring to in your post tho?

  2. Hi XemonerdX, I visited your blog and find it cool. The posts are high quality, thanks for sharing your knowledge; learned a few things…


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