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This is a rare BUILDING 7″. Building is the band were Packo from True Colors chanted in the nineties. It has a green sleeve and orange vinyl. There is stamped numbering on the vinyl label. Mine is copy 007/102. Glad to have a early number. The label is Sober Mind Records. The lyrics Packo has written are always from the heart. It is now in TC as it was then in Building. I have it on black with a blue sleeve also. I’m waiting for H8000 Central to make a post about this.

This LP is an extremely rare one (/146) from Germany. It is a band called ‘Hand Der Vergeltung’ that plays covers from all hardcore classics. The bands covered are:
JUDGE, EARTH CRISIS, LIAR, INTEGRITY, BATTERY, MADBALL, ALONE IN A CROWD and STRIFE. There is one more band covered but I can’t figure out what band it is. Musically this is pure hardcore and lyrically this is unique because the band has transformed the original lyrics into their own message by adapting them here and there. The LP is called “Tote Erde” after the song they covered from our homegrown band LIAR. This is not just a silly cover LP it is really well played and comes straight from the heart. Handnumbered out of 146 and on beautifull deep black vinyl. I really would like to find out more about this band. I got on Always a good place to buy awesome records and merch.

This is my favourite record for the moment. Altough I only play the 4th regular pressing of it, I like this one a lot. This is the testpress of the CEREMONY Violence Violence LP. There is also a rejected testpressing of it, but this one is the accepted testpressing. The cover picture is taken by Many Mares who is an active B9 Board participant. This was from the time that Ceremony was on Malfunction records. Later this label merged with Deathwishinc. And also this is before they went on B9 and got an attitude. A very genious band with progressive music and several good lyrics. The Violence Violence LP also contains the Ruined ep at the end of the record. I like this so much that I traded some stuff to get this one. No ebay or something like that.

This is no small a thing. It is the tourpress of the already very rare SEKTOR / VITALITY split seveninch. I learned by reading the Sober Mind Records pressing info on H8000 Central that this is logically mostly to be found in collections in Germany because that’s were the most shows of the tour happened. But now it is in my collection here in Belgium. Very proud to have this ofcourse. It can now be added to my growing H8000 collection that I love building up. I already have made a post about sektor here. But this record wasn’t in my collection already when I made the picture. Very hard to come by, especially in this condition.

I haven’t got a picture made of it, but I also found a Near Mint copy of the BLINDFOLD Asteroid 164* LP by Good Life and Sober Mind Records. Also a brandnew looking copy of the CD. The more I listen to this, the more I like it. Thanks to the person I bought these from for not that much money.

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  1. H8000 Central is in congé, lol.About the German Hand Der Vergeltung LP, the unknown song is one they supposedly wrote themselves, however i recognise several well-known classic hardcore riffs in it… but i'm failing to name the bands they stole them from.They do have a myspace page, go check it out and rejoice !

  2. That's what I thought also. Because there is written under the song “HDV”.I know H8000 Central is in congé, had an automatic generated email, saying summer closedown or something. Funny indeed.Thanks for the three Gatefold LP's I bought from you, don't even care if it is the most limited color anymore. It is the message and the music that counts.Will check that myspace…Wanneer ga jij in congé Ed? Of zal je een werk continuüm realizeren? Lol

  3. Yeah, we at Good Life have the Black Flag-work ethic, always go, never stop. if it makes us ANDour customers happy, it's got to be a good idea.:))ps : found you a nice freebie to go with your next order, i think you'll be ecstatic !


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