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THE SETUP ‘Crawl & Reign’ pre-order 7"

I have never looked into The Setup on my blog before. Actually I collect THE SETUP stuff, but it isn’t that fancy to others in the world so I have never shared this secret with you.
Collecting stuff from this Belgian band is getting actually better and better because the band got better and better in time. The line-up almost completely changed and with that the music also kind-off. But it still remains 100% The Setup. With their rather technical and often psychedelic metallic riffs and intros. This flavor is also mixed with heavy NYHC alike guitar poundage.

So I like The Setup and found out they had a new output called Crawl & Reign, but when it came out I really wasn’t in a CD buying mood. So I skipped this one. Later I found out that Germany’s fast growing label DEMONS RUN AMOK was going to make a 7″ of this. And so the problem was solved and the deal made. I waited until the pre-orders went up and made my move.
To my pleasant surprise this the records didn’t came in damaged like my previous 50 Lions LP’s I pre-ordered. I have become more cautious towards this because I had that phase when all my incoming international orders had damaged LP’s. But it was a 7″ now so I had no worries. Also to my surprise this one has got real cool vinyl. That marbled marine blue, I totally like it. I ordered two, and that’s one for keepers and one for listening. The new vocalist Kris Deweerdt has got a very good voice in my opinion. And luckily the skillfull guitarists haven’t been replaced in the band.
This record was packed in a thick, heavy and quality plastic sleeve, so I’m very thankfull to DRA for doing this, because I have never found such sleeves in a local store before. I like to protect my records to the max.

It is a pitty though that this release has got a major delay, I mean the CD came out months ago and this 7″ was only past monday in my mailbox. But that probably a label issue were I have got no clue about.

Oh well, this can be considered as one of their best releases to me and I’m glad I ordered two. But no way you will get this pre-order version from me…


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