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True Colors Record Releases (Minus One)

true colors record release 7 inch vinyl white This is it, this is what started it all; the record release of the infamous first True Colors 7″. I really needed this one. I’ve started out with the regular pressing of this and quickly realized that this was great in all it’s aspects.
They started out as a band full of integrity and honesty and surely they deserved it to be released by Hollands Not Just Words Records. I find it weird though that this record release show was organized in the UK. They immediately stated the Straight-Edge as their main stance on this one.

Then there came ‘Focus On the Light’. Definitely their most spontaneous release. Filled with daily wisdom and encouraging words this one is. It is their first full length and immediately hitting the bulls eye. I’m asking myself can it get better than this? This release certainly has a Youth Of Today feel, but with more ambiance and smoother. I mean more oiled. The old YOT sounds more harsh and has the magic in it. TC just adapted the magic and left out the harshness for a more oiled and smoother whole. A contemporary classic and this will live on, I’m sure of that. I mean it is even pressed in the states, not many bands realize being pressed on the two western continents with their first full length.

true colors perspective ep 7 inch record release kamagurka herzeeleDoing better than Focus On The Light isn’t exactly easy. But I don’t see why this is necessary, although it is the right attitude to have, improvement. This release has got even more magic. So solid in all it aspects, that I come to the conclusion that this one is less spontaneous but more worked out. This is not a bad thing because they had the goal of doing better.
I really took it upon me to collect all the versions of it. What you see here is the record release of this ep. It is handnumbered out of 100. And has a Herr Zeele comic on the sleeve. Herr Zeele is a comedian well known in Belgium with outstanding humour in my opinion. He comics in the well known magazine HUMO, with Cowboy Henk, I read them all the time when I see a HUMO laying somewhere. He also worked together with Kamagurka, another fine artist and comedian. But I’m drifting away from the core here.
I now have almost all the versions except the American tour stamp edition. But not really sure I want to have this. Because recently I lost my confidence in Americans.

true colors rush of hope lp record release vinylAnd last but not least is their newest output ‘Rush Of Hope’. What you see here is also something only hundred people can behold. It is the record release version of the second full length. I haven’t come so familiar with this one already, but at first hear it sounds tougher than the rest off their work and also less positive. I sense some harsh emotions here in the lyrics but the music is still solid and smooth as ever. Packo has become angry about some stuff and somehow lost the fun of it. But sometimes there is hope in the darkness, hence the title of the record.
This is a handmade cover. And on the back of the cover True Colors uses a new band logo, it is actually a Uniform Choice rip off logo. I have made a close up of it because it is so cool to see actually. Also the credits are on the picture.

True Colors is a fast evolving band and that is something you can definitely hear in their music. Still love em to death…


  • Note that these pictures are thumbnails, just click on them to get a bigger view.
  • And also note that the pictured Focus On The Light LP isn’t the records release (I don’t have it…)

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  1. Just as a side-note, Herr Seele used to go to punk and hardcore shows in his hometown of Ostend all the time, back in the 80's and 90's !Love TC… saw one of their first shows @ Lintfabriek and got the demo and a shirt :))Also i was told that the yellow TC 'focus on the light' LP that you have pictured here IS the releaseparty copy !

  2. No the pictured TC LP isn't the release edition, sorry Edward! While the yellow vinyl LP was also sold at the release-show, the release-show version is on black but comes with an extra fold-over sleeve with the TC crocodile design on the front, and it mentions 'release edition' on the back. It was limited to 130 copies.

  3. That is left over Focus On The Light LP with a Turning Point rip off sleeve.I am down to two or three records for a complete TC collection. Need Rush Of Hope record release and black vinyl plus the Perspective 7″ USA tour.I will pick those up along the way.

  4. Die Turning Point rip off werd enkel verkocht op Ieperfest vorig jaar… slecht 33 van gemaakt…


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