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Finally a record that is 100% certain a true collectors item. You are looking at the pre-order version of the TRAPPED UNDER ICE ‘Stay Cold’ ep. This version has a different cover and a different vinyl color also. There are only 227 made of this one.
I was drawn to this record for two reasons. The first reason is because it has a different artwork on the cover. I like this artwork because it is abstract and surreal. Very original in hardcore I guess. The cover art was painted by artistic luminary and musician Daniel Higgs.
The second reason is that I collect records from TUI because I feel this band makes a difference yet staying more than 100% hardcore. Their legacy to hardcore is still embryonic but surely this band will write history.

Within the record came also the unlettered artwork printed on very heavy paper:

The Baltimore urban environment where this music and lyrics originated from:


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