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FF’s Lesson In DIY Pressing info Determination

This post is here to test and display my auto-didactic pressing info determination. I’m actually kind of proud on my reasoning and insight I had this afternoon when photographing my MORNING AGAIN ‘Martyr’ collection.

So here it goes; the first thing I noticed was that there are two kinds of sleeves in circulation. The first one has the same artwork as the other one but the difference is that it is printed on mat cardboard:

And the other one on glossy cardboard:

Another difference is that the colors are slightly different in contrast.

I unpacked these LP’s further and noticed another difference, this time in the colors of the vinyl labels. There are also two variants in circulation. Namely bordeaux labels with beige letters:

and bordeaux labels with white letters:

Then I noticed that these differences are coinciding with each other. The mat sleeves have the beige letters and the glossy sleeves have the white letters.

My conclusions was that both versions must come from a different pressing, since these differences converge with each other. The question still remained; which one is the first pressing. But this it was easily solved by having the premise that the clear version (which has the glossy sleeve and the white lettering on the labels) is still available at Good Life. So logically this must be the second pressing and the other two color versions must come from the first pressing.

All the pieces fitted together and the theory was made, I felt besides proud of my collection also softly enlightened. It really made my day.

Another thing that I would like to say it that this record is the record that meant the most to me when I was younger and that the first Morning Again album, called ‘Hand Of Hope’ is one of the three records that got me into hardcore for sure.

I really had to wait very long to finally obtain this record on vinyl. These are rare as hell. I always had bad luck on ebay, the item ended when I wasn’t able to bid on it (sleeping, working,…) and with other traders (It was either no longer in their possession or they didn’t wanted to trade this). But then a light in the darkness occurred; I saw them for sale on ebay in a lot and at a good price, plus they were from a person I already bought from. So this really was my chance. So I got them and can now retire… LOL

As a side note I would like to point out that if the sleeves were been switched I would have been totally confused. So if you are a decent collector who has got some responsibility and love for the next generation, then you may never switch the sleeves of two records. Only the labels can decide which record should have which sleeve. You must preserve everything as OG as can be.


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