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Poll Result For Favorite CONGRESS Blackened Persistance Song

I don’t like what I see with this poll. Not that the song “Lifting The Ban” isn’t the best song but the fact that only a 5% of my total visitors during this poll actually voted.

Are people totally ignorant of this record or are people too lazy to push the button?

Oh well, those who did take the time to vote are the true ones. It separates the real from the pack.

‘Lifting The Ban’ killed it with 75% of the votes. The song is indeed a pretty good song with a power full meaning. It tells in symbolic way how CONGRESS overcame difficulties with living amongst others and amongst enemies. Overcoming this isn’t easy sometimes but the power full music of this song is definitely delivering you the strength to do it.

Phoenix rising from the ashes, leave the past behind.
Those who took my lust for life are buried in my mind.
Smell the air feel the breeze, a new wind is blowing.
Hear the sound of victory, the repressed are awaking.

Lifting the ban – that made me change for the worse.
I finally escaped – from this curse.
A new breed of hope – is what they have to cope
Feel the strength – till the bitter end

Dogs are barking in my face so they’re not able to bite
Pointing at mistakes of my past, I’m focused on
what’s yet to come.
Anger and distortion, my fuel for life,
my engine is turning like never before.

At last the silence is broken
Lifting the ban…

While typing these lyrics I realize more and more that this song should become the theme song of my blog. Very accurate to my position.

THANKS to those who voted!

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  1. I voted for 'Grief'. This song (still) gives me shivers…Yes, I am kinda upset by this… Will do my best to take it not so personally. But maybe I should have introduced the record first, I dunno. To me this is thé best local HC record ever made, I realize this more and more when I listen to it.It is this regional / local thing I guess, very important in HC. I mean; a band plays most in the region they live in. And the live feel totally does it for a kid or old guy 🙂 when judging a song.That's why many people don't know or appreciate this.

  2. Hi emonerd, the scenario you bring here is the best scenario possible I guess…@Hans: It is the most blackened one, as the title suggests. And the persistance thing is interpret by me as the length that it will remain that way in all its glory… & why are people totally not voting if it is the finest product of the H8000?

  3. I think you take it all too personal from time to time. :)Take note that a lot of folks aren't familiar with Congress (sad but true) and there's a lazy part as well…'Lifting The Ban' was the song I expected to win, no matter the amount of voters.I voted that one myself, the song has always been a killer to me personally, be it lyrically or just the feel when Congress played that one live…

  4. I voted 'Lifting The Ban' too, love the song, and also the first song that I think of when I think of Congress.Even if only 5% if the viewers voted, it might also mean that at least some of the remaining 95% are people unfamiliar with Congress who searched out the record/band after reading about it on here.

  5. Not to forget that 'Lifting The Ban' always has been the Congress anthem live, kids almost killed eachother to sing-along to “At last the silence is broken” “Lifting the ban…” A true classic that was present on some compilations as well. The whole record is an instant classic to me, the best product the h8000 area has spawned!!!

  6. Blackened Persistance is one of my favorite records ever and has always been a guide for me somehow! It is impossible to choose one particular song as the ultimate one, so I didn't vote for any of them. It's the whole package that does it for me!


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