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Stay Hungry 12" (Reflections Records)

I wanted to make this post because I’m very enthusiast about this release on Reflections Records. What we have here is a 9 song LP of straight-edge hardcore at it’s best.
When I first heard this music I thought about various oldschool bands. I felt like this one takes all the best from the pioneering hardcore bands. And this is how it needs to be done in my opinion. Kids learning from the past bands and using the best elements out of it to create a better sound in a different world. This is how we build up Hardcore and make it better and better.

Although I’m not that knowledgeable about the old school I still want to draw some comparisons. I think about Side By Side, Anti-dote for the angry NY part and some early Dischord (DC) fast bands also.

Lyrically this is to the point and where it needs to be at. Straight in your face lyrics with a fuck off attitude and hatefull view upon some kinds of people. But also introspective lyrics about himself (Andy H8, the vocalist). With wise lessons learned.

I’d say well recognized talent by Johan Reflections and the best thing I heard in a long time coming from European soil.

This band is definitely ready to take the world of HxC by storm.


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