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xBISHOPx TESTPRESS Riddles And Questions

The Straight-Edge band xBISHOPx is definitely different than the majority of American sxe bands. They play a harder and more metallic sound. That’s why I actually like them. Because they are different.

But can anyone help me with this TESTPRESS here? I obtained this out of 5 testpress from xBISHOPx recently. I think it is 2Pac on the cover but I don’t know why they used his picture. I have some speculations though:

  • Maybe they want to associate the death of Tupac with suicide?
  • Or maybe they are just fans of Tupac?

xbishopx bishop suicide party lp test press

Me having this is the consequence of the increased accessibility of rare records and testpresses in hardcore due to the internet and ebay in particular. No way I would have had this one like 10 years ago. Normally the testpresses belong to the bandmembers or the label and someone like me would have never had this kind of records. But now everything is for sale and I’m buying it…

In further investigation I figured also the tri-colored State Of Florida has a meaning. Because xBISHOPx had a (rare) colorway of the ‘Bless The Dead’ 7″ also in these three colors.

So I had the idea of looking this up on the www. I found this funny site were you can search flags of all countries.

I kinda speculate now that Malawi is the country represented by xBISHOPx, since it is the only African country with these colors in the flag and in a horizontal pattern. And since there is an in memoriam picture of someone with African roots.

Anyone knows more about this or can confirm some speculations? Or even interested in buying or trading this TESTPRESS?

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  1. well that cover pic is from the movie Juice in which Tupac's character is named Bishop. anything more than that i have no idea about.

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