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Random Records Mix

The first record to be discussed here is the JUDGE doLP discography from Revelation. It is now the second time that I bought this record. I bought it twice because I sacrificed one in a trade. I really needed this record from a fellow collector so with pain I parted with. Having this again is the proof that a little bit business can do no harm.
This record has special vinyl artwork as you can see and exist also in black from the second pressing. No need to say things about Judge here, doublecross is making posts about this hardest straight-edge band from NY. And I couldn’t do it any better. Though it needs to be said that it features the entire discography of Judge even the Chung King sessions. And has a totally cool poster that came with it. This is a nice ersatz for the to expensive OG records!
But the most important thing is that I found it in a webstore from a friendly Belgian dude who is starting a label and distro. So I gave it a chance and I certainly do not regret it. He took the order really fast and even contacted me on a Sunday morning regarding the order. That is dedication I think. Also the delivery was super fast. I will surely be checking his store often in the future and in the meanwhile you try out his store also. Support the small labels!

The next thing I recently obtained was this totally quality split LP of two legendary vsxe bands from the nineties, namely CULTURE / KINDRED. It was on ebay and it went really cheap in my opinion. Don’t kids or collectors respect this jewel no more? Or are they forgetting these band or just ignorant of the quality of this record?
Lets start with the packaging which is totally slick, it looks like metallic silver and has awesome band pictures on both sides of the LP jacket. I will be reviewing this split and the KINDRED full length soon in another post.

The next records were all from one German distro. It was really a revelation checking out the spawned webstore of them. So I dug deeper and found a wide variety of things I actually collect:

To start with the band you all know I collect music and merch from, BLINDFOLD. I saw it listed in this store and thought, yes, I need a ‘Live At The Vortn’ Vis’ from Blindfold in better condition. So I didn’t need to think twice and added it to my cart. But when the record came in this morning I noticed that the LP jacket had ripped edge probably due to shaking of the vinyl in the mailing process. And that’s not all; it also had and bended corner. So my day was totally ruined. I thought that I was cursed for receiving damaged BLINDFOLD records. And even at a moment I thought that every BF record isn’t taken care of, but I skipped that thought and figured it was not true.
What is left do to when you have every BF record but some aren’t in a decent condition? Well this means that my quest isn’t over yet. I need BF records in better condition and ultimately some day the test pressings of their records.

And yes, it is horrible to see this damaged BF LP jacket :((

The next record is one from a label from which I collect records. It is California’s 1917 RECORDS. I never told you I have all their releases, except the CD only releases and one LP release and other colorways. This 7″ here is the Eaten Alive “s/t”. It is the second rarest color and is supposed to come on green A-side and black B-side vinyl. But this never works out completely because vinyl is liquid before it gets pressed. But as you can see, my copy is almost that way.
I also have the chance to buy all the missing colors of my 1917 records in one time. But I’m not sure whether I’ll do this or not. Still pondering on it…

This one is also on 1917 RECORDS and is catalog #1. It is the Donnybrook “There’s No Love For The Insincere”. Which is a long but meaningful title. This was actually the last record of 1917 Records that I never heard. Now at this very moment I still haven’t heard it because it is in Mint condition and I don’t want to ruin this.

This is another version of the record, namely a tour version. With only 200 copies made it is the rarest one and also not available in a store until now. I took this picture of an information sticker I always put on every protective sleeve of all my records. I do this to get a help when if one day I want to sell it or make a post about it. I usually remember all this but after years you can forget this information.

It was quite a chance to buy all this records together from the same person, so I took it.

The last record I recently obtained is a colored War Hungry record on the totally under ground label BRAIN GRENADE of Richmond in the States. They don’t even have a website. And this was released before 1917 Records took them on their roster. I like this record a lot and have it on black also, this black one is to listen to.


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