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My Past Good Life Order Was AMENRA Related

Last week I placed a mega order at the Good Life webstore. I am a huge fanatic of their mailorder and distribution section. This is because they have all the new releases superfast, exactly on the street-date and because they have a lot of rarities and even oop stuff still available.
Also the service is high quality. This is because the GL office and my house are in the same country. This means also that the parcel is only a day in the mail and so not damaged in the mailing process. But even if you are on the other side of the globe I don’t think your precious stuff will get damaged because everything is professionally packaged.

I’m not making this post because they asked me or something but rather because I want to share it with you and show some appreciation.

The first thing I got is this picture disc 10″. I saw on the Belgian leading hardcore messageboard that the band Amenra had a new vinyl-record on their merch table at their shows. Because there were numerous people who suddenly had this. My conclusion was, I want this too. So I asked some people in American style if they wanted to sell this to me. But nobody wanted to do this.

amenra afterlife 10 inch picture disk disc original self produced band
A few days later when I got home to check the GL newsletter, I read that they had this in stock. So no thinking was necessary, I ordered it immediately.
But then I figured I needed the CD version also, because I wanted not to play this beautiful vinyl record.

The two same records in a different format came in. I saw that the CD has got a totally original package. It is a printed foldout cardboard sleeve, that isn’t the same size of a regular CD case. And on top of that it was sealed. This seal was bumming out, because I had to break the seal in order to listen to this. But so I did and the new acoustic songs are totally cool.

The next new piece of music I got is this limited to 65 HIVE DESTRUCTION CD. It is another Amenra side-project together with Matthias from the H8000 band LIAR. Definitely amazing music but not easy to consume.

hive destruction cd first press

As an addition I’d like to say that their is another Amenra side-project existing. Namely the Belgian HOLY TERROR band BLIND TO FAITH. It is on Dwid Integ’s label called Holy Terror Records. This amazing and fertile cooperation between AMENRA, RISE AND FALL and REPROACH members is definitely a must hear. It WAS also available on the Good Life distro and now totally sold out. Luckily I was present on the B9 board at the time they promoted this LP and made it available for pre-order. So I did and got limited clear vinyl with a bonus 7″.

blind to faith lp clear the seven fat years are over holy terror records

Another item I scored in the RARE section of the webstore is this totally beautiful FIRESTONE One Of A Kind LP. The most beautiful thing I ever held in my hands. This because the vinyl colors are the same as the LP jacket. A perfect aesthetic harmony made in order of the label SOBER MIND RECORDS.

firestone lp element beige flesh color sober mind records transitional

FIRESTONE is actually also Amenra related, because the guitarist of this H8000 band, Lennart now plays in Amenra too.

The final thing I got is the RISE AND FALL new record on CD (the vinyl is on the way). I must say that R&F has perfectly adapted to the new trends of modern Hardcore while remaining a 100% their-selves. Still ominous and raging but yet a futuristic and modern sound.
Rise And Fall has become easily the flagship of Deathwish. This music is what the future will bring. In short, great record !

Also got some posters for free. I like collecting posters and always take care of them. If they are folded I keep them within the vinyl protective sleeve of the record they promote and if they are rolled up I put them in a tube.

So thanks again Good Life for the great order and quality service !!

fugazi post reissue dischord
maximum penalty poster reaper records
rise and fall our circle is vicious poster deathwish inc

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