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One Of My Best Deals Ever: Some Thoughts

These days must be my glory days of collecting. I started the year with some deals that I could only dream of years ago.

A German guy has been selling his entire (=3000+ records) collection the last year. He has many classics, rarities and hard to finds in his collection. All of them globally in NM- condition and no need to tell that he collected hardcore records for 15+ years. He is very calm to deal with and has a not to underestimating knowledge about the records. So I’d like to thank him for the several deals we made and for your contribution to hardcore collecting and I wish you good luck with your further life. Your presence will be missed!

But back to the deal, it went something like this:

HIM: Are you finished bidding?

ME: Yeah, I don’t like bidding that much and aren’t at home to do it.

HIM: You want my list of record that aren’t on ebay perhaps?

ME: Yeah, surely want to check that out.

And five minutes later it came in on my mailbox, I checked it and found them for grabs right there, since I’m looking for these all the time, it didn’t take long to formulate the offers. And the deal went on and on, with a smooth outcome.

So now on to what I got:

This record is one I know very well, but ironically that does not seem to help finding it in good condition and for the right price. I’m talking about MORNING AGAIN’s third and final full length “As Tradition Dies Slowly” on Revelation.

If there is one band that said so much to me and made me change my ways for the better, it is Morning Again. Their lyrics are still very wise and eye-opening to me from the first day I read them until now. Whether it was Damien Moyal writing them or like this record John Wylie.

This record exists also on Blue, but don’t criticize me on not having it, because there is something going on with Rev records and color vinyl. Black Rev records seem to be discriminated some how (that’s what I notice). So despite the nowadays standards I’m very proud of having this record on vinyl even if it is black vinyl.

1917 records seem to be hard to find because very few collectors sublimate them and put them on tradelists. But I do sublimate them because they have an innovative feel to me. To me they have the same magic Kevin Finn speaks about on COS records. Probably because many 1917 bands haven’t toured Europe and are very American in style.

On this split called “There Goes The Neighborhood” DONNYBROOK brings 2 songs featuring 2 vocalists and 2 guitars besides the bass.

PIECE BY PIECE is a truly pissed off band hailing from Los Angeles. Trashy anthems for sure. Just a while ago REAPER RECORDS released a 12″ from this band.

Just for being complete, there are only 300 made in this color.

cold world ice grillz green 7 inch lockin out records vinylWith the following record I broke my organized collecting policy. Because this record actually belongs in no category I made up. I couldn’t help but do it… Because it is a highly sought after record and because it is out merely 400 made. But my offer was accepted so the price must have been right. But definitely a milestone from the 2K hardcore decade. And on the totally underground Lockin’ Out Records!

awol 7 inch braveheart records deep thoughts about the end A way of life kdsThe next record is almost totally infamous. ‘Almost’ because One Path blogspot made a ‘release’ of the A Way Of Life discography. You can look it up on the onexpath blogspot. To my knowledge these are indeed the only A.W.O.L. tracks that were ever released on a music bearer.

What I like about the record I obtained is that it was my first 7″ I owned. I was about 16 years old and got it at a show I don’t remember the name of anymore. I just liked it because of the the huge cave on the cover and because it was recommended to me by a friend of the band. I liked it so much that I bought a girlie shirt of the band for my GF. Ah, pure nostalgia… And by the way KDS stands for Karate Dance Style. Just a hint what this music may cause…

The next one is the vinyl release of one of my first hardcore CD’s, namely the “Heteronome” CD from xCULTUREx on Good Life Recordings. This record got me pretty much into Straight Edge. I even remember where I bought it; at the Pyrrhus record store in Ghent. A true jewel for me and for the nineties SxE scene in general. This is definitely a gem to keep.

congress euridium brown vinyl 7 inch warehouse recordsAnd then we get at it, the CONGRESS “Euridium” 7″ on Warehouse records. I have never featured this on my blog but H8000 Central has done it several times:

U true gem for H8000 fanatics and hard to find in this condition. This is the first release of the band that together with Liar made 8000 hardcore great across our boundaries and beyond the great oceans.

liar invictus lp orange vinyl genet records As if this isn’t enough I also obtained another color of the ‘Invictus’ LP from LIAR. I now have it on blue and orange. I reviewed this baby here.

integrity in contrast of sin 7 inch white dark empire recordsThe next one is a step further towards a complete “In Contrast Of Sin” collection. If I remember correctly this is a reissue of 1000 made in 1993 on Dark Empire Records. A pitty it has no insert, HC records should always have inserts with the lyrics!

This record I got is a picture disc reissue of SICK OF IT ALL’s “Blood, Sweat and No Tears”, which is a classic album. I just can’t stop listening to this, despite the fact that this is out of 500. I’m kinda stuck between the ‘keeping it’ and ‘playing it’ desires…

So this was it, sure hope I can make other deals like that.

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  1. Some great finds! Congrats!Just wanted to point out that John Wylie, the guitarist, wrote almost all lyrics on that Morning Again record, not Kevin. Their shows were amazing, esp their final one at the Lintfabriek in Ghent, damn…


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