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Good Life Recordings: One Of A Kind Color LP’s

I have come to the conclusion that Good Life Recordings is the label I have the most One Of A Kind color LP’s from, exactly 3. This is not a stunning high number but if you realize how rare these are, you can understand it better I guess. So I thought it was time to show these on my blog now. Since these are unique in their being. And since these are the most desired copies of a certain record, I’m quite proud I have them.

The first record is the third LIAR full length called “Deathrow Earth”. This isn’t exactly a one of a kind but rather a transitional color between Burgundy and Black. But the result is actually a One Of Kind variation. I mean a pure One Of A Kind is as the name suggests a color from which there are only 1 made. At least that’s what I thought but according to Ed Goodlife this is truly a One Of A Kind color.
That being argued between us, I’d like to say that the term ‘Transitional’ is actually better for this kind of record. Because if you use One there can only be one.

So this is the transitional color from the Black press and the Burgundy press. Nice and unique outcome:

This first full length of Poison The Well, originating from Florida, is called “The Opposite Of December”, I like this release a lot. Very beautiful cover art IMO. This one is a Three Of A Kind LP, yes very rare colorway because it is not transitional since there were no yellow copies and this one is blue with yellow swirls.
If I remember right the first press was Navy Blue, so there exist also some one of a kind copies on Blue / Black. You can still buy the repress on black vinyl at the Good Life Webstore.

Enough said here is this out of three colorway:

poison the well december the opposite LP color blue yellow one of a kind good life recordings

The next record is one I can’t have a complete collection from because there is a one of a kind from which there exists only one. Namely the CREAM colored one. I did not completely fail on this collection because I have a copie that is CREAM / PINK colored. So this record suggest the existence of a cream one. And since there are also 200 on PINK you can distract that this one is also transitional:

shorebreak lp beige pink one of a kind transitional good life recordings
Very beautiful result I may say. In the meanwhile I can show my incomplete collection of this one. Damn, I should have bought this CREAM version and the Pink because then I should have had a complete collection. Okay enough frustration; here is the collection:

shorebreak from the path of survival lp collection colors vinyl good life recordings

So you see the green, grey and brown. The numbers are easy to remember because they are all out of 200…

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