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Record Collection Outtake: RISE & FALL (Part 2)

Time to get serious now with some awesome records I just obtained. I want to thank the fellow hardcore lovers/participants/makers I got this records from. You know who you are, and many thanks for selling me these…

rise and fall into oblivion sleeve misprint reflections records vinylRecently I got the record I was dreaming of and very humble but persistent in my ambition to get it. I’m talking about the ‘INTO OBLIVION’ Lp with the misprinted sleeve. The hardcore label REFLECTIONS sold very few black Lp’s with a sleeve misprint. According to some sources, they did that as a joke. But we collectors are eager to get rare and misprinted, mispressed sleeve and records. So the record below is actually very high in price considering that it is only 5 years old. And there also a huge price difference between the ‘correct’ versions and that misprint, as a consequence of the low availability and highly-sought-after-degree. The outcome of the gatefold sleeve in baby blue and baby pink insted of respectively black and silver is very nice I think. No need to ask, this record stays in my collection.

rise and fall demo cassette 2003 tape originalNow about the demo tape: I didn’t know but there are more than one makings of the demo-tape. The one I got is the first press, with an awesome cover of the beast running through the streets of the city, demolishing everything on it’s path. The tape is just a regular tape you can buy in your local store with the the company name on it etc.

Awesome tape, now I have 3 demo tapes, a small but good collection, with no bullshit in it. So proud on it, so do not ask me to get one. Search for the demo 7″ on Control Records, from which I already made a post when it was still available.

The next thing I’m going to show you is a complete collection of the first full length called “Hellmouth”. I had the honor to be contacted by Bjorn R&F himself. He wanted to sell some records. I immediately took the chance and formulated my offer on the records he was offering me. The offers were more or less what he had in mind, so they were accepted. And now they are here sitting proudly in my record collection. I will take care of them very much.

There are only two colors pressed of this very rare Rise And Fall Lp, namely Black:

Rise and fall hellmouth lp black vinyl anger management pressing 1st first

And the limited color-version is Clear:

rise and fall original 1st press first hellmouth CLEAR vinyl anger management

I assumed the following record to be ‘out of my league’. But I made my best offer I could and I succeeded in being able to buy it. It is the testpressing of the ‘Hellmouth’ LP on Anger Management records.

rise and fall hellmouth lp first press test press anger management

As you can see, it is singed by Bjorn in the right lower corner. A proof that I got from him.

My conclusion is that I was able to buy these because I have the following moral: ‘If someone deserves money for a record it are definitely the band-members themselves. This because they take the initiative to form a band and make the music, send in the demo’s and play on the tours.’ This is a moral full of respect and I mean not to be degrading of the label because they invest, let press the records, distribute and sell. This is some kind of symbiosis or synergy, but it still is the band who deserves the most… because they come first in the chain of the music business.

So this is it, my best deal ever done!!

Hope you had a nice read. And if you haven’t checked out part I, you can do it now by clicking here.


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