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Why The Silence & Coming Up On This Blog

This month will have no posts because I’m busy training for my swimming tests and resuscitation exams. And because I’m taking quality time for my girlfriend and me. You now the drill…

But I will give you a hint of what’s coming up later on on this blog:

  • Trapped Under Ice “Stay Cold” collection (photo’s and explanation)
  • Spirit Of Youth evolution (from “Abyss” to “Colors That Bleed”)
  • Strike Anywhere “Iron Front” review
  • update on True Colors
  • Vitality “Bloodline” & “Crucial Wires”
  • obscure AmenRa side projects
  • 1917 records: Guns Up! & I Rise
  • colored Revelation Classics
  • Supertouch 7″ on Combined Effort
  • Collecting bands from legendary NYHC compilations (The Way It Is & Where The Wild Things Are)
  • The Icemen, 2 7″ titles on colored vinyl
  • and maybe a review of the final H8 Zine

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