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TRAPPED UNDER ICE demo 2007 Collection

trapped under ice demo 2007 colors blue clear vinyl flatspot records 1st press
This is a good one! TRAPPED UNDER ICE in their primary state of mind and according music.

The isolation that follows out of modern society and coldness that’s left behind when you loose someone dear in life is perceived an described very well by Justice: you get the feeling that everything you love is slipping away, you feel fear and solitude, you pay for mistakes even for those you did not commend, you are left behind; you get trapped under ice. When your only mean is to witness all this by sinking into self-reflection. Also by the aggression you feel. You cannot love or give love yourself anymore, you have learned to stay cold…

This is the summary of what the 2007 demo of Trapped Under Ice is all about. You can perfectly understand that this precedes the Stay Cold 7″. A natural evolution that many hardcore kids can identify with and therefore so popular nowadays.

Musically this is also very hardcore: slow beat down parts, merciless breakdowns, an aggressive style that seems forgotten now and then in this decade. Trapped Under Ice play it still and can be called the best band when it comes to true hardcore in this decade I believe!

It is the underground label FLATSPOT RECORDS who released this demo on vinyl and pressed it on 2 colors for the first press and a black version for the second press:

CLEAR = /400
BLUE = /100 from which 50 with a record release cover

BLACK = second press out of 1000

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