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CEREMONY Ruined ep: Why The Hell Collect The Most Limited Color?

I recently parted with my red version of this ep, but I got really interested in collecting the yellow version of this record, despite the fact that it is less limited than the red. Why? Because I received a second yellow copy of this ep and it isn’t really a double. Actually it is one of the three variations of the yellow first pressing of this ep.

Yes, you read it well. There are three kinds of yellow in circulation. The one you see beneath is clear orange-yellow:

The other yellow that’s in my collection is called “Banana” because it really looks like that fruit-color. So here are these two to compare to each other:

So I said there are three, despite the fact that I haven’t got the third color. But I rely on two very good collectors to confirm this information, namely Ewald and Kyle Whitlow.

I contacted Ewald yesterday and he has got many of these eps, and confirmed to me that as far as he knows there are indeed three kinds of yellow in circulation. Check his collection here and come to the conclusion that he knows what he is talking about.

Another collector, but then American, has the three color-variations in his collection and made a good description of the three colors. But before you think it isn’t true, you can check his collection on HYE and believe him right away.

So there you can read the well defined three color-variations:

  1. Banana yellow
  2. Clear orange-yellow
  3. Pale lime-yellow

Although I really can rely on these dudes, I still need the third color (pale lemon yellow) to be completely at ease in what I’m saying. That’s the kind of evidence freak I am. So if you got it and can part with it, be sure to hook me up and receive a good offer… Thanks!


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