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3 Important Notes About FF Blogspot

  1. I do not longer support any download blog. This is a trend that will only lead to decay of the quality of the music industry and it’s very survival. I really do not understand how they can pride themselves in ripping the music from a format, putting it online and then share it with the world while you have actually done nothing. And they are severely ripping of labels and bands that did not give their permission to use their own work. And remember that all this is still a crime. If you ‘d do this with the music from major labels you’d have a bailiff at your doorstep very soon. I do not see why hardcore labels are an exception, it’s just on a smaller scale. So I have removed xStuckinthepastx and xOnePathx from my bloglist and followlist. I may be spoiling all the fun but I take respect for others work before fun in crime. I hope this is clear now! I was convinced of doing this once and I did it, but have actually taken down the DL short after and apologize to those who did the work for it, you know who you are…  
  2. If you have anything to say about this, feel free to do it, but do it in my face only and not behind my back…
  3. I made a comment to this on SITP but they actually did not publish the comment, fuel on my fire for sure! 


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