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Kindred File 01 LP on White

After years of searching and a lot of questions and uncertainty about finding this record, I finally completed this two piece collection. Record collectors will laugh with the fact that I call this a collection since there are only two variants but these babies are two of the hardest to find records from the GOOD LIFE catalogue.

I already made a post about this about a year ago, that you can look up here, if you want to read how I look at this. It is actually one of the records that had a huge impact on me when I was a teenager.

And then around 15 years later and about 4-5 years into collecting records I finally found the record on colorwax:

kindred file 1 LP white vinyl good life recordings belgium

So I figured I needed to take a picture of both of them:

kindred file 1 lps black vinyl white vinyl color good life recordings

So this is it, one of my last posts about collecting, as I actually dream about making and releasing records. But I realize that it is hard to start a record label in Europe so these dreams could remain only dreams…


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