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INTEGRITY Humanity Is The Devil 10" PINK wax

I knew Integrity from my teenage years but didn’t actually own records of them. When I started collecting I mainly ordered from RevHQ and the Good Life Webstore, these were my two main sources for records. And in that period -years ago- I bought the black version of the HUMANITY IS THE DEVIL 10″ at RevHQ. I really liked the cover art and it was the only vinyl record of Integrity they had in stock. So I just bought it because of that.
But I remember being disappointed when I opened the parcel, because the cover was monochrome, while the picture in the store was full color. And it didn’t have an insert.  But when I played it I felt ok again. Because the music was very good to my opinion.
I also noticed the pressing info on the sleeve. It was very surprising for me because the numbers of the colors were very low. It said:

I was baffled! Because I was new to collecting and never heard of such low numbers or even pressing numbers at all. Although I also found at that moment that this turnover on a global scale was rather absurd. Later I totally forgot about this record and never played it again. Although somehow it stuck in my head because of the music (especially the vocal test) and because of that numbers.

Years later when INTEGRITY revived, I came to the conclusion that I needed a rarer color of this. I saw several copies on ebay but I never came to buying it. I was infected with the INTEGRITY collecting virus because of Marcus’ posts about INTEGRITY on his blog also I guess.
So on one day I just typed in “integrity” in the ebay search bar. And all of a sudden I saw the pink waxed 10″ appearing. And the price at the moment was very low, surely because Ebay Belgium is ignored by the rest of the world. So I thought that this was my chance. I made a bid, but was outbid because the auction ended at 9AM and I’m at my work then and I didn’t want to make a high bid a day before the auction’s end.
But then, the seller contacted me and he said he had another copy, even more that he on one moment in his life owned four copies of this pink waxed 10″. So I was very impressed and made him an offer.A few days later, it was here:

integrity humanity is the devil 10 inch pink vinyl holy terror booklet victory records

But I really am still happy with this record, it must still be very rare. Both the drawing and the color-scheme are very beautiful.

Also the back of the cover rules:

When you read my story about that record. It is obvious that INTEGRITY always leaves a mark on me. It always touches my soul in one way or another, for good or for bad. I can’t comprehend how and why they have that effect on me. I’m not a Integrity connoisseur but I know that they have an impressive route behind them and that they still have the power to touch my soul.

[edit] From what I can gather there are two presses of this:

1st press with the colored sleeve: (some of these came with a booklet, mentioning Holy Terror)

    • PINK 
  • RED 
  • BLACK 
Later press with the monochrome sleeve (as you can see on the first picture in this post)
    • Also PINK, 
  • RED
  • and BLACK

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