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Random Old & New Gems found!

Sweet One Of A Kind EURIDIUM 7″ find here:

congress euridium 7 inch transitional purple vinyl warehouse records H8000

Another thing I purchased is this new REAPER RECORDS compilation 7″ that was done for the United Blood fest. The label sold the remaining copies in their DIY store just recently!

reaper records united blood 2011 compliation

The cool thing is that the cover is actually a booklet. With a page for every band:

The line-up is: TERROR, NAYSAYER, DEATH THREAT, NO VALUES, DOWN TO NOTHING, TAKE OFFENSE, FIRE & ICE and MAXIMUM PENALTY! No need to tell you that this is a gem!

Next and last one is the demo 7″ of Have Heart on Bottled Up Records, the label from a famous collector:

have heart demo posi numbers 2005 edition clear vinyl bottled up records stamp
Posi Numbers fest 2005 edition

If there’s one demo or even release that has the most complex pressing info it is this one, various covers, colors, combinations of both, etc. Well anyway I am glad to have one of the haul here!

Anyway besides my sale on the blog which is going well, I want to tell I’m also ebaying some records:

Anyway still going and many records have already been sold, should reach my goal I hope!


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