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The Past, The Present: B.O.A.F. LP + BOOK (complete collection)

Maybe this could be an idea for the H8000 Book? Hans? But anyway they beat us first with an amazing package and mega cult book. That I have to admit I jealous of that I didn’t make it, hehe. But have to go easy on myself because I’m only 29 years old and -compared to them- shortly into collecting.

But anyway I can’t complain because I got something limited and complete, the COLLECTORS BOX. And aren’t the words “limited” and “complete”, the two most cherished words by us collectors!

Anyway since this is totally limited, so it’s not available for everyone, so I took the effort to photograph it all in this very hot weather. So here goes the photo shoot (models appear in chronological order, hehe):

#08/14 Screened Mailer Box
Sell History (not huge at the moment)
DJ Sleeve with artwork above
Pre-order out of 100
Blank stamped label + numbering
2 printed label versions:
BROWN out of 289
ORANGE out of 131
2 CD’s on different labels:
SOUTH AMERICA Press: Seven Eight Life Records
Limited Collectors Box edt. “Chapter 5″ 7”
Entire “Chapter 5″ Collectors Box edt. 7” package

And that’s it. But I wasn’t complete without the mini tour edition. And I was advised to buy it also. Why not it also comes with the book and is out of 25 copies only.

DJ sleeve, with separate insert and BROWN vinyl
Details: sticker with numbering and red ink stamp on vinyl label

But later I figured being so far I needed the second pressings also:

2nd press: ORANGE /37
2nd press: BROWN /109


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