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TERROR One With The Underdogs LPs

Time for another random recent record score post. The first one is one I was willing to buy a long time but never really came to. That was just until I saw SIX FEET UNDER’s auctions of all versions of this classic (at least to me) and they were unplayed and listed all together. So after waiting it finally paid off because I won all three auctions. Enough said, here’s the true hardcore spirit materialized by BRIDGE 9 Records in a one time pressing of 1000 copies on vinyl:

terror one with the underdogs LP white gold green vinyl bridge nine records
WHITE /150
GOLD /150
GREEN /700

In my humble opinion the hardest TERROR record and one of the few actually hard BRIDGE 9 releases. Lyrically this is what I’m thinking all the time, musically this is what I think it should be also. Terror is on the forefront of the contemporary hardcore scene, they represent what Hardcore is. And they do it in a splendid way, paving the path for the global scene. Another thing is that TERROR is the living proof of the healing-power of hardcore music and way of life…


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