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Akward TERROR Demo Version Found!!

The first TERROR demo has a quite divers pressing history. And I’m trying to complete it. Thanks to REAPER RECORDS it’s pretty clear to collect because they update their discography regularly. That’s one thing I like about collecting their releases.

Posi-Numbers COVER, CLEAR Vinyl, stamped dustsleeve
Regular Cover, RED vinyl
Zero Tolerance Cover, WHITE vinyl, 250
Standard cover, WHITE vinyl
Standard Cover BLUE / WHITE Mix vinyl

Recently though I discovered a weird record. It’s one that isn’t mentioned on the pressing info page. Namely a POSI NUMBERS cover with GOLD vinyl! Since I never saw this one before it might be a mixed up version because their were leftover POSI NUMBERS Sleeves or a shortage of clear vinyl. The seller said he either got it at POSI NUMBERS or got it straight from REAPER RECORDS.

Ofcourse I asked REAPER RECORDS CEO if he knew about this version or not. But haven’t got answer yet. I’ll keep you posted on this one. Because it’s the collectors word versus the word of the label owner!

So I’m not sure whether this is a pressing error or a cheap buyers sleeve switch!



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