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BULLDOZE Arrived In Hardcore History!

What defined and originated that wave of beatdown bands that is believed to be on the rise in the hardcore landscape is this band called BULLDOZE. So if you really think this is setting new standards in Hardcore then I think you should release that music on the vinylformat! At least if you take yourself and your vision about Beatdown seriously. I mean what kind of format is more appropriate and respected by collectors as vinyl and definitely not CD’s. I mean common, if you want to document that movement, bring it in history and want it to stay than make a decent vinyl release instead of a CD. Is that so hard to understand.

But anyway someone seems to have understood it finally and released that originator piece of music on vinyl! THANK YOU !!

Here how it looks, is presented and how it will be classified in Hardcore history:

Diamond CLEAR vinyl
bulldoze the final beatdown vinyl lp pressing clear color
excellent choice of colorscheme
bulldoze LP the year is one trip machine laboratories clear vinyl
The Year Is One Records as label under TRIP MACHINE LABORATORIES license
Limited out of 500 and numbered

As you can see, perfectly done! Numbered on the sleeve and everything! Colored vinyl that looks as clear as a diamond, in short I love it!! And hope my message is as clear as the vinyl!

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