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New Breed Tape Compilation REISSUE (NYHC)

Today’s entry is about a sweet and very interesting double LP I ordered from the Good Life distribution center. It’s a previously underground and almost forgotten TAPE compilation chock-full of New York Hardcore rarities, that 22 years later made it on CD and vinyl! How cool the ways of Hardcore can be… Here’s the awesome cover:

This package has been taken care of. And it proofs that every effort, even an underrated Tape and non-Revelation compilation from the year 1989 gets the attention it deserves by being printed on CD and LP. I chose to buy the vinyl format, because that’s a beautiful way of presenting music and because it has more songs than the CD! It’s more expensive, but worth the money.

Comes with a booklet with lyrics and graffiti inspired artwork of the bands and also a second insert sketching multicultural society in NEW YORK way back in  1989. This tape, they say was for the middle class streetkids. There seemed to grow a lack of unity while the older bands like YOUTH OF TODAY morphed into Shelter (embracing Krishna) and the Straight-edge also lost his attractiveness for the new kids. So that they formed and listened to new bands. Hence the name New Breed…

It are real insightful and interesting observations that BRIAN DEMOA did and wrote here on the insert in 2011. It seems that knowledge needs it time to grow and to become transferable…

Anyway if you are into NYC hardcore or into hardcore in general, you need this CD/2LP!

Bands- and songs-list on the backcover

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