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Some Additions To The REAPER Collection

Recently almost every USA label did a BLACK FRIDAY sale. I was lucky enough to have the label I collect doing the biggest discount! REAPER RECORDS had a 30% discount on everything in their DIY store! So I expanded my collection and supported the label by ordering….

Here’s a few noteworthy things that were in the parcel:


Yes, a supposed to be totally sold out very early Reaper Records release, the third to be precise! The first releases are totally impossible to find so was very happy to be able to buy now style…. It comes with a big poster insert:

Poster Insert

Looking at the poster artwork, we can see where Reaper Record started out. Documenting the local SYRACUSE (NY) hardcore scene! And I bought a double to listen too also. Talking about the aural healing power of Hardcore when listening to it! Cool comp to say at least, with A.W.O.L., Black Sheep Squadron, Attitude, No Idols and two I can’t remember immediately.

The next things I picked up were two shirts, I thought looking aesthetic enough to wear:

This design is awesome to say at least. Just a one-color shirt and simple photo/bandname print but very cool indeed. Less is more again and despite the minimalistic approach not boring!

Also a super shirt, I think the REAPER designer are talented to say at least! My second KOTF shirt and with the Scott Vogel live picture this shirt is exactly where it’s at! Notice also the TERROR logo on the sleeve…

Also the most recent pressing of this still selling and still in print record of TRAPPED UNDER ICE called STAY COLD. Amazing fact that this one’s up to it’s 5th pressing! Leaves me missing a few rare versions! Although I have quiet a few of all the versions.

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