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Hello Dwid!

I ordered something from HOLY TERROR Records because it seemed like a meaningful collaboration of two bands. There are a few logical splits in existence like the INTEGRITY / HATEBREED split 7″ and the LIAR / CONGRESS split 7″ and here’s another logical split if you are aware of HOLY TERROR. I’m talking about this one that’s already posted by a fellow blogger Gavin! But is not the same version. I think Gavin’s must have been a pre-order version and mine seems a band- or Dwid-version!


I realize I’m excessively introduced to those bands by MCS from Endless Quest Records / Blogspot. So nothing totally new here but in a way still new because I have never had something in the line of what MCS posted so excessively about in my hands for real.

It’s kinda cool to receive something from Dwid himself for real too, because I was willing to do so for quite a long time now. And I didn’t do this on purpose because my previous order from the HOLY TERROR webshop was coming from the USA. But this one’s national post! And also signed by Dwid himself! What a surprise and reason to say “Hello” back to a fellow Belgian inhabitant!

No more pictures because that would spoil the purpose and surprise of this musical and graphical expressive object!

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  1. I've yet to cave in and order this version aswell. As is standard, the day I give in and decide to order will be the day its sold out.


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