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I really love this record. So I quickly ordered every color out there. So became a  collection without testpresses. After doing some research there seem to be two testpress-versions known already. The first version sold by THIRTY DAYS OF NIGHT has a patch as cover and is out of five copies. But mcs posted the other version with a hand drawn cover by Dwid himself. Of which we don’t know how many there are.

So this is what we have so far:

[Edit] By Dicko (read the comments)

INTEGRITY / ROT IN HELL “Black Heksen Rise” – Testpress – Patch Cover – ?
INTEGRITY / ROT IN HELL “Black Heksen Rise” – Testpress – hand drawn Cover – ?
INTEGRITY / ROT IN HELL “Black Heksen Rise” – Black – 120
INTEGRITY / ROT IN HELL “Black Heksen Rise” – White – 100
INTEGRITY / ROT IN HELL “Black Heksen Rise” – Blue/Green – 680

integrity rot in hell split 7 inch color white black green blue limited tdon press thirthy days of night

Seems to be sold-out already at TDON Records, HOLY TERROR and Deathwish Inc. so I’m already glad with my achievement even  though I haven’t got a testpress!

I also got this from Dwid for free; has a very interesting interview with him at the end of the CD:

This is still available everywhere and is recommended.

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