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Dedication in Hardcore definitely pays off to an extent. I for one check the worldwide web everyday and so also on holidays. Being the pseudo-professional marketplace that is eBay, on holidays lesser people seem to participate in bidding on records. That’s fine because I don’t care about being it a holiday and bid away on holidays too. So items that end on holidays tend to go a lot cheaper than usual! A nice holiday-treat if you ask me!

It’s been a long time since I posted a vintage GOOD LIFE classic:

culture born of you LP good life recordings blue color vinyl
GL-pressing on BLUE

You have to admit that this pressing looks much more pretty than the CONQUER THE WORLD pressings.

Although that’s what I feel. A live-picture always does it on a Hardcore record. And that man with the camouflage bandanna in the background looks like a stereo-typical 90’s vsxe militant!

This one was on my want-list for a very long time, but not completely erased because there’s an even more rare CLEAR version out there too.


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