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KICKBACK And European Hardcore

Showing the kids the reality is what European Hardcore and Beatdown is at nowadays! And this reality comes to the kids uncensored and blatantly. Only for the strong and smart kids I think. Because you really need to anticipate on what is thrown at you musically and not be wrongly influenced by it. And definitely not playing the copycat!

It’s easy to judge or think that this music is bad, but it’s all in the eyes of the beholder! That “in-the-face-reality” seems to be taken away from people and definitely in mainstream music, where everything needs to be merry, happy and pretty. It’s not only in mankind’s nature to be polar and to have two sides of reality, so why take this away from people’s perception of the surrounding world and humanity!

The tidings do not lie! Perversion is a growing facet of mankind, mass-murder is omni-present! Aggression proliferates! Some people would argue saying that this is the media focusing more and more on it, so why can’t this music do the same?

What I’m trying to say is that making reality come conscious and that showing the (dark side of) reality can only have positive effects on kids. That is if you are strong enough to handle it and are independent enough to make your own opinion about it! Testing peoples ethical strengths is what they do, they train it! Preparing kids for all hostility and negativity to come… And become independent ethical minds.

Anyway, KICKBACK seem to still be the leaders of that style! I’ve said it before Kickback; is on the forefront of the European scene and seems to have the biggest influence on it.



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