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Reaper Records Pays Homage To 3 Websites

One fine day, Reaper Records decided to pay homage to three famous websites in the field of hardcore! Actually to three blogs whom I read almost daily. And what’s a better way than pressing a record and a T-shirt dedicated to those websites and all this in a perfect limited edition turnover! Labels take note and learn from what you see…

First package was a T-shirt + 7″ package dedicated to DOUBLE CROSS webzine:

DCXX LOGO “Dedicated To Hardcore”
Telephone cell cover, numbered #39/50 and stamped dustsleeve in silver ink
Back of the cover with DCXX logo and numbering again
2 inserts from which one exclusively by DCXX for this record

The second homage was to TEETILLDEATH and VINYLNOIZE blogs, also a T-shirt and Record package:

Teetilldeath LOGO / Reaper LOGO
RED ink stamp, numbered on dustsleeve
New York street Picture as cover
Vinylnoize LOGO + numbering #39/50


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