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Wild Punx Syracuse Wigout At Cosmos

Are the matrix etchings for the V/A ASSAULT CITY 7″ on Reaper Records I thought I’d never find somewhere. A while ago I got the wild opportunity to buy the regular cover with black vinyl straight from the label at the regular price. I figured that pretty awesome. I posted about it and a while later someone replied to the post asking me if I bought the limited edition of this record.
I was surprised because at the instant I couldn’t understand where or when I had that opportunity he was asking after. A moment later I laid the link between this comment and the Reaper Store and looked it up, so it happened I saw the limited Halloween-cover was suddenly restocked and straight from the label; so new condition and even at a normal price.

Now that I got them in the mail I must say they are awesome and well taken care of as usual. And are grateful for the hint from “across your face”. You should do him a favor and look up his blog also…
various artist assault city hardcore reaper records syracuse halloween cover
MISFITS Rip-off cover
double-sided lyric-poster
early number 04/100
GOLD vinyl Regular cover
various assault city hardcore compilation gold vinyl reaper records
the awesome graphical side of the lyric-poster
RR03 B-side of the regular cover
Anyway that -finding early Reaper stuff- doesn’t happen often so I figured I needed to share my joy of collecting….

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