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Good Life and Sober Mind Release Posters

The post isn’t about records but about posters promoting these records. I have myself a small collection of GOOD LIFE RECORDINGS and SOBER MIND RECORDS releases. And these things are despite their not mint condition dear to me and would like to share them to those who also get sweet memories from that period they hung on your wall or your friends’ bedroom wall. Or those who never saw these before are also invited to sniff the late late 90’s atmosphere by seeing them here.

First one is the CULTURE / KINDRED European Tour poster made by Good Life Recordings:
culture kindred good life recordings poster promotional
Second is from 1998 promoting the Good Life Releases and with the agenda of that year beneath, looking at those Nike Air Max shoes makes the bandname SPORTSWEAR logical. Who didn’t wear Nike back then? And how diverse was the GLR roster back then, very divers….
Thirdly we have the release poster for the KINDRED “File 01” LP/CD, a beaten but still very sweet looking:
kindred file 01 one lp promotional poster
Then three promo posters for SOBER MIND RECORDS releases:
BLINDFOLD “Live at Vort’n Vis” LP promo-poster
blindfold live at vortn vis lp promotional poster sober mind records
And the youngsters of SPINELESS also got a promotional poster for the release of “A Talk Between Me And The Stars” LP/CD. Notice the two different covers as usual for SMR releases!
spineless a talk between me and the stars painfields promotional poster sober mind
And finally the release poster of the SEKTOR “Human Spots Of Rust” LP/CD. And that’s a cool one with the bandmembers somewhere in it, but not so recognisable. Click to enlarge or view in different window…

sektor human spots of rust lp promo poster



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